Biogreen Mask Reviews – Is Biogreen Mask Safe?

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Biogreen Mask Reviews
Biogreen Mask Reviews

Biogreen Mask Reviews – Face masks are not magical. “How you care about your skin on a daily basis, including keeping to a good washing routine and staying hydrated, is even more important for healthy skin.” Though face masks won’t be able to undo all of your bad skin-care habits in one sitting, they can give your routine an extra boost.

“Using a mask to cover your face produces a wet, hot atmosphere for your skin so your breathing is obstructed,” Dr. Zeichner says. “This may result in a buildup of sweat and oil on the skin under the mask, causing irritation, rashes, and even acne breakouts.”

Biogreen Mask Reviews
Biogreen Mask Reviews

product did not work as advertized. did not clear up any acne/black heads at all. bascially just smelled good. did not do any type of treatment for the face. do not reccomend if buyer is looking for a product that actually works againt acne. dirt, blackheads etc.

Very disliked with this product after viewing lots of videos with the “wonders” this item does. This was a waste of $$$. Please do not purchase. It is not they way they say it works.

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