Cumrocket Crypto Currency – Is it legit?

Cumrocket Crypto Currency
Cumrocket Crypto Currency

Cumrocket Crypto Currency – Cumrocket, also known as “cummies,” is an intriguing alternative to cryptocurrency, which has quickly reached new heights.

Cumrocket digital currency appears after observing a boom in the NFT market and a decline in the adult industry. This provides an 18+ NFT marketplace as well as their private content subscription. Its primary goal is to provide a platform for creators to sell their 18+ content in exchange for cryptocurrency and to be tipped in the form of cummies.

Features of Cumrocket currency

The following are a few of the features that have drawn millions of people to Cumrocket Crypto Currency:

Cumrocket Crypto Currency
Cumrocket Crypto Currency
  • Staking and burning: Holders are assigned a weighted average of 2.5 percent of each transaction in proportion to their holdings. Each transaction loses 2.5 percent of its value, implying that supply is becoming scarcer.
  • Utility for the holder: being used as tipping currency on the NSFW platform encourages even more transactions, resulting in a 5% tax break for the holders.
  • The team you work with values interaction and transparency with all stakeholders.
  • Low-cost network: Because Binance is available, smart chain holders will not incur virtual gas fees and will be able to perform instant swaps.

Is it SCAM?

Checking the legitimacy is critical, especially when it comes to your hard-earned money. When it comes to the legitimacy of Cumrocket, we would describe it as extremely risky.

The official website presented has a trust score of 1%. We would advise you to proceed with extreme caution and caution when making this investment, as it may result in a loss.

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Cumrocket Crypto Currency is an alternative cryptocurrency that is performing well in the market despite its recent launch. According to the data, it has risen by 634 percent in one day, bringing its market capitalization to $140 million.

Its primary goal is to provide an NFT market for content rated 18 and up. Where content creators are compensated in cryptocurrency and tipped in cummies. We would advise you to be extremely cautious when dealing with this because there is a high risk involved.

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