Jonas Tellander Net worth – Wife, Net Worth, Age, Family, Lifestyle

Jonas Tellander Net worth
Jonas Tellander Net worth

Jonas Tellander Net worth | Jonas Tellander studied Chemical Engineering at the university level. Unilever, where he worked as a Product Manager, provided him with the opportunity to hone his management skills. His MBA was followed by five years of experience in the licensing finance department of Roche before he opted to establish his own firm.

Bokilur was the moniker under which Jonas Tellander and his business partner Jon Hauksson founded Storytel in 2005. During the first four or five years, the company, on the other hand, experienced relatively little growth. This occurred when the iPhone gained popularity and the Spotify service became more widely used, allowing for an increase in audio consumption. Storytel had to wait until a more mature market existed before entering it.

Storytel began to be known as a brand by consumers in Sweden in 2013, and the company began to make significant investments in marketing and advertising in 2014. They were able to grow as a result of being ahead of the audiobook trend.

Swedish audio industry leader Storytel currently has a market share of between 70 and 75 percent, making it the most developed audio market in the world. The firm is beginning to expand into new regions, including Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Mexico, in addition to gaining traction in smaller markets such as Singapore and Iceland, which have seen quick uptake.

Storytel has chosen a strategy of avoidance rather than conflict, in which it attempts to form partnerships with local publishers for the development of audiobooks. In addition, it has bought a number of publishers in order to broaden its product offerings.

Jonas Tellander Net worth
Jonas Tellander Net worth

Jonas Tellander is also a regular user of his program, and he claims to have read 20-30 books in the last year, with 70 percent of them being read aloud in Storytel Reader and the remaining books being heard on the radio.

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In addition to serving as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Storytel AB, Per Jonas Tellander also serves as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Tellander Holding AB. Per Jonas Tellander is the founder and former CEO of Storytel AB, as well as Storytel Sweden AB (a subsidiary of Storytel AB) and Storytel AB. Mr. Tellander serves on the boards of directors for Norstedts Förlagsgrupp AB and Mofibo Books ApS, among other organisations.

He formerly worked as the Chief Executive Officer for Storytel AB, where he had a successful career.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

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