Kim higelin parents

Kim higelin parents
Kim higelin parents

Kim higelin parents | Kim Higelin is the author of this work. Among the French populace, this is a well-known patronymic. In the new TF1 series Plan B, the twenty-year-old actress who plays Lou has been described as “beautiful” and “a true member of the illustrious family.”

Plan B, a new television series to be broadcast on TF1, will premiere on Monday, May 17, 2021, at 21h05. The question is if it will achieve the same degree of popularity as the HPI cartoon, which attracted more than ten million viewers each week to follow the exploits of Morgane Alvaro, as represented by Audrey Fleurot? To be clear, the registries are not exactly the same. Plan B is more of a science fiction novel. Florence, a family mother played by Julie de Bona, sees her life fall apart the day Lou, her adolescent daughter, decides to commit suicide.

Viewers will be intrigued to see how a particular Kim Higelin handles the character of this young woman who is not confident in her own skin. Where has the genuine question that everyone is asking: Higelin, disappeared to? Is she linked to Jacques Higelin, the amazing interpreter of Tombé du ciel who has performed at the Cannes Film Festival?

Indeed, in the Higelin family, which was already prosperous thanks to the deaths of Arthur H. and Izia, the singer’s children, on April 6, 2018, it is now required to rely on a young debutante: Kim Higelin. The twenty-year-old woman is the daughter of Kên Higelin, Jacques Higelin’s less-publicized cadet son, and is thus the youngest child of the singer and his second wife, Kuelan Nguyen, who is also the singer’s mother. Kim’s father, who is 49, is also an artist, but one who does not work in the music industry. He began his professional life as an actor.

Kim higelin parents
Kim higelin parents

He has also acted in two films directed by Peter Brook: Mahâbhârata (1985) and La tempête (1991), both of which he appeared in. Most of the public recognises him, though, for his work as a filmmaker and producer. Mathieu Boogaerts and Brigitte Fontaine’s video, which bears his signature, was created by him. As well as for himself, he has produced concerts for his half-brother Arthur H.

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Almost immediately, the young lady expresses a desire to follow in the footsteps of her family’s artistic pursuits. She does, however, pass her littéraire baccalaureate exam in order to reassure her parents before to beginning her formal educational career. Through participation in theatre classes, she is able to gather the small amounts of serveuse that she needs to become self-sufficient.

She makes her acting debut in short films in 2019, and the following year, she will appear in television series (Skam France, Alexandra Ehle). Clèves, a television film directed by Rodolphe Tissot, will premiere in the fall of 2021.

Kim Higelin makes her debut in the fantasy series Plan B, which airs on TF1 in May 2021 and in which she plays Lou, a disturbed adolescent who commits herself at the age of sixteen. She gives the demand to Julie de Bona and Bruno Debrandt, who are acting in the role of his parents, who accept it.

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