Pascal soriot salary

Pascal soriot salary – AstraZeneca has won the United Kingdom’s global pharmaceutical award in its decision to develop COVID-19 medicines and vaccines, with a huge thank you to CEO Pascal Soriot.

Pascal soriot salary
Pascal soriot salary

AstraZeneca is giving Soriot £15.45 million ($21.52 million) in a “particularly difficult situation” and its “inspiring leadership” in response to COVID-19 to achieve its financial and scientific objectives (PDF).

This is £140,000 more than his domestic earnings in 2019, adjusted for current share prices. In addition, stock gains generated £4.05 million, which increased long-term equity pay.

The total includes Soriot’s wages and bonuses for 2020, as well as the 2018 Equity Reward payments, which are contingent on AZ’s success in the coming years. The amount is considered a “realized wage” [11.47 billion pounds] in comparison to cash and new equity grants received by Soriot in 2020.

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