Paul mills salary

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Paul mills salary – Within minutes of accepting an offer to be Oral Robert’s new head basketball coach, Paul Mills met with the returning players from Gold Eagles. In a chat with Tulsa World Mills was interviewed about the message he gave during the team meeting.

Paul mills salary
Paul mills salary

“It didn’t like, ‘Hey, when we get my guys there, we’re going to be all right,” said Mills. “These players are my people now, I had to know. “Let us do this in the best way, since we are here and can. It captures a conference championship for me.”

Paul mills salary: $435,000 a year

“We have a great man with a passion to mentor young people to be good people, good wives and spiritual leaders in Coach Mills,” Wilson said. “Coach Mills’ family is great, and its environment is competitive. We’re excited about the days ahead.”

After being fired, Sutton stayed for a two seasons deal for $435,000 a year. Although the University is considered no new coach paid over 250,000$ per year, ORU is a private scholar and is not compelled to provide employee contract information. The University is the university’s first search institution.

Paul mills salary
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