Revtown Jeans Review – Check if it is Legit!

Revtown jeans review – Revtown is a start-up founded by three Under Armour students that specializes in affordable performance denim. Revtown’s iconic Decade Denim is used to create the jeans, which are made from Italian yarns and dynamic four-way stretch fabrics. These aren’t your typical stretchy jeans.

Revtown jeans review
Revtown jeans review

In comparison to other basic jeans, Revtown’s jeans are more affordable for $79 everywhere. You can save even more money by building Revtown Crate for as little as $228 — you’ll get two pants, two tops, and a T-shirt.

Because all jeans look roughly the same, I’m not going to pay hundreds of dollars just because a high-end brand has a logo and buttons on the inside. That’s why I’ve spent years looking for quality, affordable, and comfortable jeans that aren’t too stiff.

Revtown is a new start-up that makes denim for men who don’t want to deal with the unnecessary complexities of buying jeans. It was created in Pittsburgh by three Under Armour students. And the rates are so low that, in an unintended but welcome twist, they almost seem too good to be true.

Revtown jeans review
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