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Is Lettuce Keto? – Health Benefits of Lettuce

September 6, 2020

Is Lettuce Keto: Crisp and refreshing, lettuce makes an excellent addition to salads, wraps, sandwiches or burgers. Not only is lettuce low in calories and carbs, but it’s also high water content, very hydrating, making it the right choice on a hot summer day. Whether you select from crisp crisphead lettuce, butterhead, leaf lettuce, romaine […]

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Is Corn Keto? – Health Benefits of Corn

September 4, 2020

Is Corn Keto: Corn and peas, beans, lentils, and quinoa are not the best picks for low-carb diets, such as Keto, and should therefore be limited. Although all of them are grown from the earth and have a number of health benefits, grains such as corn and quinoa and legumes such as peas, beans and […]

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