Xuper Mask – Essential Features of this Xuper Mask

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Xuper Mask Essential Features of this Xuper Mask Will.i.am currently serves as Intel’s director of innovation and has made significant investments in Tesla and Beat Electronics. Furthermore, he owns a company that focuses on innovating technical wearables.

Xuper Mask
Xuper Mask

He recently announced a collaboration with Honeywell to launch a face mask with advanced technology that includes HEPA filters, noise-canceling audio, microphone capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and LED day glow lights. Within the face mask, there is also a magnetic earbud docking system.

Features of the Xuper Mask

  • The mask is outfitted with LED day glow lights.
  • This mask has ventilation fans and replaceable HEPA filters that you can swap out once a month. For $27.99, you can get a pack of three filters.
  • This ultra-beneficial face mask is made of cutting-edge materials and features a silicone face seal and an adjustable strap.
  • This innovative Xuper Mask is available for $299.
  • You can charge your face mask because it has a USB type-C port.
  • Because it has a battery life of about seven hours, you can wear it while travelling.

The developers have announced that the first batch of these technical face masks will be available on April 8, 2021.

The batches will be delivered to countries such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. People are eager to get their hands on a face mask and test out Bluetooth earbuds with 5.0 capabilities.

Customer Reviews

On social media platforms such as Instagram, we saw some posts about the Xuper Mask. On Instagram, the mask has already received thousands of likes and a few comments.

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This mask allows you to go about your business in style without jeopardising your safety.

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