Yamaha TSR-700 Review


Yamaha tsr-700 review – For the same reason that I want a new TV and receiver, I want to be able to watch 4K content and use Dolby ATMOS. I won’t be playing on this setup. It is only used to view and watch Blu-Ray and/or NAS movies.

Yamaha TSR-700 Review
Yamaha TSR-700 Review

I’m stumped as to how to crochet this. Because I’m not sure which HDMI port I use on my television, I’d like to send it all to the recipient. If you look at a Samsung TV, you will notice three HDMI ports (HDMI 1, HDMI 2 – eARC, and HDMI 3).

Is it correct to say that eARC is currently the main issue, as it does not work for those who want to use new consoles?

I picked up the V4A yesterday, and it may be on its way back to Best Buy. Extreme colour banding is used in HDR. So far, SDR appears to be in good shape. And I can run my Apple TV 4K directly on my TV and use HDR, which is fantastic.

I’m not the only one who has this problem. Another guy with a V6A I’ve seen in YouTube comments. I’m not sure if it’s a firmware or hardware issue.

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