Maddie Hack Dunkin
Maddie Hack Dunkin

Maddie Hack Dunkin: Dunkin’ has launched a campaign designed not only to increase its presence on TikTok but also to communicate with consumers by imploring them to share their hacks of Dunkin’ goods. Indeed, the competition will offer some valuable culinary credibility to at least three extraordinary food hackers.

Accordingly, the company invited TikTok fans, according to Dunkin’s blog, to share their most innovative and delicious food hacks for Dunkin’s menu this month. The culinary team of Dunkin will be judging the competition that will run until 12 December.

Each of the three winners receives a $100 gift card from Dunkin and a Dunkin’s to share their newly found fame.

Fans can participate in the contest by displaying or explaining their best Dunkin Hack menu in a TikTok video tag @Dunkin and using #DunkinMenuHackContest. The QSR then asks clients, according to TikTok video instructions of their maker, to test the hacks for themselves, by ordering the pieces and constructing the hack.

The hack-a-thon begins with Dunkin’s national launch of “Maddie’s Hack” a bagel with cream cheese, hash browns, and Snackin’s Bacon.