New York Fashion Week Looks to Push Hair Trends in Fashion Shows

New York Fashion Week is an event which is part of the Fashion Week calendar, a catalogue of fashion events taking place throughout the world. New York Fashion Week is generally held in February and June of every year, and is a mini-season of fashion. Each participating fashion designer or manufacturer presents their latest fashion collection to the fashion media and the fashion buyers at the fashion shows. The shows are generally split into special fashion weeks which cover the dress code segment and also individual fashion weeks. Fashion designers and manufacturers get to show off their latest fashion and ideas as well as their designs and manufacturing techniques, in order to encourage new fashion styles and introduce their products to the market.

The New York Fashion Week can be considered as a major event for the fashion industry, with thousands of delegates attending the events. This makes it very important for fashion designers, manufacturers and retailers to participate in these events. In addition, it also offers a great platform for the up-and -coming fashion designers to show off their work. The shows are usually hosted by the fashion week cover models and fashion weeks. There are several fashion shows, which take place during New York fashion week.

The most popular fashion week that takes place in New York is the Sturgis and Layers show. It is usually hosted by models and famous designers from all over the world. These include such names as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Christopher Kane, Christoph Markel and others. For this particular show, various fashion runway shows are held. All of them are accompanied by world-renowned designers, fashion consultants, photographers and other professionals.

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New York Fashion Week Looks to Push Hair Trends in Fashion Shows

Another prominent fashion show which takes place at the New York fashion week is the Women’s Fashion Week. It runs for two weeks from the 14th to the 16th of February, with its main stage on Fifth Avenue. It has been one of the most attended fashion week events, attended by celebrities and major US media personalities. The featured artists this year are Rihanna, Lady Ga, Beyonce Knowles, Kate Hudson, Kat Von D and Tom Cruise.

Other popular fashion weeks which take place at the New York fashion week are the Spring and Summer collections. For Spring/Summer, some of the most popular designers who have strong credentials in fashion such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Kia and Versace are participating. Other designers for these collections include Moet et Chandon, Calvin Klein and DKNY. Also, there are several popular brands which participate at these events such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Another major fashion event taking place at the New York fashion week is the New York Fashion Week Spring Collection. This year’s theme is “A Little Bit of Everything”. Designers are using a variety of materials, textures and colours to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. It includes sweaters, dresses, blazers, jeans and leggings. These pieces are designed to look both casual and elegant. Among the major designers who participate in this fashion show are MiMo, Manolo Blahnik and Tom Ford.

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New York Fashion Week Looks to Push Hair Trends in Fashion Shows

Some of the other international fashion designers who take part in the New York fashion week are Juicy Couture, Baccarat, Calvin Klein and DKNY. Apart from these international designers, several local designers also participate. Among these local designers who are participating in the New York fashion week are David Yurman, Aaron Gillespie, John Galliano and Jenniferalshigs. The designers who are participating in the fashion show for the second consecutive year are Christopher Kane, Mike Weber and Anne Hathaway.

One of the most in-demand fashion trends for the New York fashion week are the celebrity hairstyles. Many celebrities who are appearing in the fashion shows this year have long hair and for that reason they have many fans all around the world. Long hair styles in fashion weeks have become a common scene. For this reason, there will be plenty of accessories and shoes in the forthcoming fashion weeks. Therefore, it is wise to have an adequate collection of hair accessories, hair combs and other items before attending any fashion show.