Top Five Popular Magazines

A fashion magazine is the women and men’s magazines that are published widely in almost all cities and countries. Initially, a fashion magazine is just a women’s glossy magazine. But gradually, they expand their scope of subjects to also include some features on men’s fashion, beauty etc. The pages of the fashion magazines are loaded with the latest fashion tips, fashion statements, fashion designers, and also interviews of popular personalities. There are many fashion magazines available and one can choose any of them according to their interest or requirement.

Elle: A popular women and men’s magazine, Elle has a lot of depth covering fashion, beauty, lingerie and style. It also has sections on the business section and health & medicine. It has won several awards for outstanding journalism and its fashion trends column has won multiple awards. This fashion magazine also has some rare photography work. A good quality issue of Elle will have all the latest trends and feature stories on the subject.

Omni: A popular weekly magazine, which is published by Omni Publishing, a part of the Penguin Group. It is the largest weekend magazine and has a huge circulation. It is a trade magazine that has some prestigious clients. It has a fashion magazine along with a supplement of personal and beauty care. It has a four-page layout and a trade section along with an information section.

9 Most Popular Fashion Magazines from Around the World
Top Five Popular Magazines

Hearst: One of the best known women’s fashion magazine. It has a huge circulation and has a reputation of never coming out with another issue. It was started in 1923 and it was started by gossip columnist Ann Taylor Strong. It has the best quality of scoops and interviews and features celebrity interviews. It is still being revised and Hearst’s owner, John Singleton Hearst, continues to keep it on schedule.

Vogue: The original Vogue Magazine was launched in Manhattan in September of 1977. It is the women’s fashion magazine that has won every major award including the People’s Favorite Women’s Magazine. The magazine has always had a fantastic circulation and it was first published at the height of the fashion weeks. Initially it was intended only for women but later it was expanded to feature men’s fashion magazine and also gave the women something different to chew on. Though it has gone through several rev revisions it stands firmly at the top of the male fashion magazine category.

In the last few years Vogue has changed the format somewhat and has come up with a new direction “Vogue Now”. This new format has managed to increase its readership enormously and it has become one of the most sought after fashion magazine among women. Though it has faced criticism from some sections of the readership it has managed to maintain its popularity amongst readers. In recent times as well it has launched its web site from where one can get all sorts of information about the magazine and also about the fashion trends.

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Top Five Popular Magazines

Glamour: Another fashion magazine that has managed to capture a large audience is Glamour. Glamour has a very high sales success ratio and it is a weekly magazine. The magazine has been launched by Max Factor and the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Nancy Sposito has managed to change the face of the magazine completely and has succeeded in impressing the readers.

Elle: One of the oldest fashion magazines, Elle began publishing in 1950 and has enjoyed great success. The magazine has won several awards and has a huge circulation among fashionable women. Though it has faced criticism from some sections of the readership, it has managed to maintain its high popularity and its steady growth in circulation is evidence of its vitality.