Important Things That A Woman Should Know About Pregnant 14 Weeks Later

Being pregnant is not an easy thing. There are so many things to take care of for a pregnant woman. Pregnant women have to think about their weight, their looks, their health and the condition of their babies as well. So this article will cover some important things that women need to know about being pregnant.

The first thing is, how old do you become? If you really do not know, it is wise to ask your OB-Gyne before you become pregnant. She is the one who will advise you what age you are actually in. It is very important for a pregnant woman to know her exact age because there are certain risks that come with having a very young age (up to 20 weeks).

Your hormones are developing and changing rapidly as you get pregnant. This is the reason why a miscarriage is possible and why some women develop infections and the like during pregnancy. Therefore, you have to be careful on what you eat and do. Eat healthy and exercise, it will make you healthier and reduce the possibility of having some infections.

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Important Things That A Woman Should Know About Pregnant 14 Weeks Later

Another factor to consider is the weight of a pregnant woman. A woman may gain or lose weight during pregnancy. It is best to monitor your weight after delivery day. Check your body weight after several months to see if it has increased or not. Check also if you need to increase or decrease the weight of certain body parts, such as the breasts or the stomach.

Another important issue is about the baby itself. During this time, you have to understand that the baby inside you is developing and growing. This is why the woman may feel nauseous at times. This may be due to the development of the fetus inside the uterus. However, it is always advisable for a pregnant woman to eat healthy and nutritious food, which will give good nutrition to the baby while inside the womb.

Finally, a pregnant woman has to deal with pregnancy sickness and exhaustion. Pregnancy sickness occurs when the woman feels tired all the time even without any physical activity. Pregnant women can take rest whenever they feel weak, but it is still important that they continue doing physical activities in order to prevent pregnancy sickness. Finally, exhaustion can be treated by drinking plenty of water and rest.