Improvement in Technology of Pakistan

Pakistan has a thriving IT industry with numerous sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, and software designing and engineering. IT in Pakistan comprises different sectors including service and telecom, finance and banking, information technology (IIT), consumer electronics, and software designing and engineering. In Pakistan, there is a rapid growth in ICT department due to the availability of many trained IIT students from Pakistan and abroad. Pakistan is ranked well in Information Technology (IIT) access and ability.

The demand for skilled IIT professionals in Pakistan and abroad is on the rise. Many young students pursue IIT in Pakistan to acquire necessary skills and knowledge required to improve their employability in international markets. Pakistan is a world-leader in science and technology education and has been working hard to establish itself as an Information Technology Research and Training Centre (ITRTC). This effort has greatly contributed to the mushrooming of numerous technology parks throughout the country. Pakistan’s science and technology parks have helped IIT students to gain necessary skills and knowledge required to enhance their employability in international markets.

The government of Pakistan has been actively supporting science and technology education in all aspects. As a result, the country has emerged as a leading science and technology destination, offering a range of international colleges and universities. In addition, there are numerous scholarships and fellowships supported by federal and private entities that further boost the level of IIT and other science and technology education in Pakistan. The key players in this effort include the ministries of finance, science and technology, and education.

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Improvement in Technology of Pakistan

Science and technology secretary Shamsher Khan highlighted that the government’s initiatives were geared towards improving the level of education and employment opportunities for Pakistan’s youth. He also emphasized that the efforts were in line with the prime minister’s vision to achieve a developed nation by the year 2021. The secretary hoped that the creation of various technology parks would help drive the government’s initiatives. The science and technology minister, Mian Muhammad Asif, emphasized that his ministry was committed to providing a host of scholarship options and schemes to help train students and professionals for I.T jobs. He also hoped that these programs would boost Pakistan’s economy.

To realize Pakistan’s ambitions for the future, it was important that it invested in technology to Pakistan. One sector receiving major attention from the government is the agriculture sector. As per the projections provided by the chief economic adviser, agriculture has the potential to contribute fully to the GDP of Pakistan by the year 2021. For this reason the agriculture ministry has taken a number of important decisions recently to help improve its agricultural productivity and relevance in the global market. These decisions have also made an impact on the technology of Pakistan. The chief economic adviser as well as the prime minister both have stressed that the improvement in the agricultural technology would help to spur employment opportunities for rural areas.

One of the decisions that the agriculture department has taken to improve the technology of Pakistan is to launch the ‘Agriculture Policy Research Training’ Scheme. This scheme will train young students in all aspects of agriculture and technology in the hope that this would create a new generation of professionals skilled in technology related activities. This initiative has come at a time when employment in agriculture is in great demand all around the world. Moreover, agriculture contributes a major percentage to Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product. As a result, the investment in the agricultural sector has become very important to the overall growth of Pakistan.

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Improvement in Technology of Pakistan

Another important step taken by the government to enhance the growth prospects of the agriculture sector is to launch ‘National Organic Program’. The program will enable farmers to get access to fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides free of cost. A lot of investment is required for launching this scheme and it is expected to contribute significantly towards the overall growth of Pakistan. As per the latest reports, the NOP has helped to attain almost 20% reduction in the import price of chemicals used in agriculture.

Overall, Pakistan is making progress in implementing technology related programs to facilitate agricultural growth. However, the success so far has been minimal as the main obstacles hindering the implementation of these programs are not technical but fiscal. In order to overcome these obstacles, the government needs to take up more projects and utilize its domestic and foreign resources for the implementation of the programs.