Lose Weight and Get Fit the First Week of the Military Diet

The military diet is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet that has been used by the military for many years. It’s not the best diet for everybody, but it’s worth looking into if you or someone you know needs to lose weight. By following this diet, you can see quick results in just a few days.

The military diet requires strict adherence to a strict low-calorie intake for 3 consecutive days and then returns to regular eating for up to 4 days. On the first day, the military diet limits daily calorie intake to only 1,400 calories, and on the second day, the calorie intake is increased to one thousand two hundred and fifty. For the third and fourth days, the daily calorie intake is reduced to one thousand three hundred and twenty calories. This allows for the body to maintain its basal metabolism for longer periods of time.

During the week of the diet, a lot of your eating is done at strategic times to trick your body into maintaining its basal metabolic rate for longer periods of time. This keeps the dieter feeling full for up to seven consecutive days, which helps them lose weight faster. To make the most out of this plan, it’s recommended that the person finishes each week by eating nothing for three days.

Another aspect of the military plan focuses on the use of protein as a source of energy. This is achieved by eating fewer carbohydrates and more protein. By eating fewer carbohydrates, the fewer calories that are ingested. By eating more protein, the body burns calories at a faster rate, making it easier for you to shed excess weight.

The 3-Day Military Diet Plan and Recipe
Lose Weight and Get Fit the First Week of the Military Diet

A key component of the VLCD includes foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. The military recommends eating lean meats such as chicken, turkey, beef, and fish three to five times a week and avoiding fatty meats and cholesterol-laden foods such as eggs and butter. These foods help you lose weight because they have less fat and lower cholesterol. These same foods also help you control your blood pressure, which is also good for keeping the weight off.

On the other hand, the military diet could potentially be used as a long term weight gain strategy. Some experts believe that weight gain from overeating is actually caused by an unhealthy relationship between appetite and metabolism. With the military diet, the person consumes fewer calories than they normally do. This causes the body to release hunger signals without the person wanting to eat. This results in the person eating more often, which results in weight gain over time because the person is reaching for more food than they normally would.