Calories in Chicken?

Chickens are probably the most popular form of meat in the human food pyramid. Probably because of their relatively low cost and relative ease in raising them compared to other animals like pigs or cattle, chickens have spread throughout the culinary culture of many cultures around the globe, and their flesh has been diversified to different regional preferences. However, people have started coming up with more reasons to convince people that eating chickens is better than pork! After all, there are more calories in chicken meat than pork, right?

Let’s face it: a single serving of fried chicken already contains more calories than one cup of steamed broccoli. Add three eggs, a little vegetable and sauce, a bit of mustard, and you get the idea. If you’re counting calories, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at your usual chicken meal. So how are those calories in chicken exactly?

Chicken breasts, thighs and wings are naturally high in calories when compared to other parts of the whole chicken. In fact, a 4-ounce serving of chicken breasts (be sure to pick the skinless ones) has about the same number of calories as a medium pizza. And since we’re talking about chicken breasts here, that translates to one serving of roasted chicken with all the fixings on it: bread crumbs, fat crackers, barbecue sauce, ketchup, olive oil, etc. This means that a single serving of roasted chicken has about the same number of calories as… well, a single serving of pizza.

So the next question is, why do chicken breasts have so many calories? Well, besides the obvious (they’re chicken), chickens are really big meals. Even with the skin intact, they come wrapped in large packages of fat that makes them particularly hard to digest. Plus, the lower number of calories in chicken breasts comes from the large amount of calories in their meat. That meat alone accounts for more than half of the calories in a whole serving of fried chicken.

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Calories in Chicken?

The solution to this problem is simple – eat the chicken normally. Eat it raw and unprocessed. Use all of its natural juices – no salt, no sugar, no butter and no oil. If you’ve ever had a really good fried pizza before, you’ll understand what I’m talking about here. There’s nothing wrong with using traditional ingredients to make your own pizza. Just remember to use less cheese on your pizza (or use mozzarella instead), and you’re home free!

Avoid fried foods at all costs. As far as food that’s been fried, only order fried chicken from a restaurant that advertises “no calories” or “no fat” listings. There’s a reason for the name – there’s a high amount of calories in chicken fried food, even when it’s being prepared in a non-frying pan. Stick to fried chicken at home, especially if you’re trying to watch your calories – the result can be amazing.