Cooking bacon to Stay Healthy

Have you ever wondered what bacon calories are? Well, you’re not alone. The question is often asked online and in cookbooks, health food stores, and at the dinner table. In fact, if you took a whole bunch of people and asked them all the time how much bacon they consumed on a daily basis, most would not be able to give you an accurate answer. This is because it varies so greatly from person to person.

Let’s start by considering the common misconception of bacon calories. Most people think that bacon is some sort of fat. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of the calories in bacon come from the fat found in the ham and the fat that are located in the veins and in the fat of the skin. These fat sources contribute very little to the amount of fat that you consume.

On average, bacon contains only 5 calories per gram of fat. So when you look at the next sentence, you’ll find out that the amount of calories you take in depends upon whether or not you include the skin. When you cook bacon, the fat in the meat cooks, causing the fat content of your food to go up. However, the skin doesn’t go with the heat, so it stays intact and unaltered.

A standard bacon slice contains about three tablespoons of fat, which is about the same amount found in a cup of beef. So when you make a bacon sandwich, you are consuming the same fat as you would if you ate a slice of bacon that was a regular size. But that’s not all that matters. Even though it is the same fat content, the difference in calories for a half a cup of cooked bacon versus a half a cup of raw bacon is six percent.

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Cooking bacon to Stay Healthy

For people who want to count their calories, a half a cup of cooked bacon gives them the same number they would get from eating a half cup of beef. Half a cup of cooked bacon is also good for you, since it has low-fat content. In fact, half a cup of cooked bacon makes a great snack food for those on a diet. It’s a very economical addition to the diet. You can make a delicious, healthy meal out of half a cup of cooked bacon and some tomato or blue cheese cracklings.

The problem comes when people cook bacon to near exhaustion. The resulting fat content raises the calorie content significantly, even when you remove the skin. So, instead of opting for the low-fat option like bacon strips, consider opting for the high-fat option like Swiss, Cheddar and Colby. A half cup of raw bacon may contain less than one percent of fat, but it will still provide a significant number of calories to the diet, which should be burned off.