How Hard Is It To Lose Weight With An Egg Muffin? Find Out Now!

It was during one of my visits to our local mall that I discovered the existence of the Egg McMuffin. A friend asked me where I saw it, and I replied that I didn’t know. When she asked why I hadn’t brought it for dessert, I thought for a minute about it, but I couldn’t think of an explanation. Then she told me that she saw it there in the store and asked the cashier if they had it for sale. After I informed her that they did, she was really excited and asked if I would be so kind as to bring it home for her to try.

I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to see what an Egg McMuffin tasted like, so I obliged. I bit into the yolk and put the wrapper back on, thinking that it might not have been opened for a few days. But when I went to fetch a fork and a spoon to dig in to my Egg, I almost got scared. The stuffing had been baked into the side of the wrapper! I quickly removed the wrapper and found myself holding something that looked more like hot dog grease than a breakfast treat – and it was melting! Luckily, I had already tested the same phenomenon the previous day and knew that it was just cooked from the side, so all I had to do now was to crack it open and spread the delicious flaky goodness inside.

The next morning, my breakfast was served cold from the microwave, but my asMR was busy looking for something to replace the Egg. He came back with the Miracle Whip, which he said was better than the Egg. We decided to try it out, since he lives out in California and doesn’t usually get a chance to try anything different. We were both amazed at how good the Miracle Whip tasted but also surprised at how cheap it was. It only cost me seven dollars – or about one and a half packages of cigarettes, to be exact.

We ate our breakfast on the way to work, and I felt very sleepy the whole time. When we got home, I opened the package again to find that it had indeed packed quite a wallop! It was the perfect way to wake up, and also came with a delicious side dish – barbecue sauce, if you can handle the savor.

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How Hard Is It To Lose Weight With An Egg Muffin? Find Out Now!

That night, after we had eaten our usual breakfast of bacon and eggs, we made sure to put the Miracle Whip on our pancakes. Surprisingly, the asMR didn’t miss it! In fact, he said it was even better than the Egg! So we stuck to our normal breakfast of eggs, toast and jam, but turned the Miracle Whip up to twelve calories per serving! That’s quite the kick start for the day!

We also noticed that the next day, our Miracle Whip seemed to be missing a few calories. By the end of the day, we were feeling tired. So we looked over the ingredients, and we discovered that it had calcium in it. So we went back to the egg and bacon breakfast and lost a few more calories! That’s when we knew we had found the right diet food for us to lose weight with.