Things You Should Know About Shrimp Care and Your Shrimp Diet

What is this thing called a Shrimp Diet? My best friend Joe flakes on his Shrimp Diet Pillow while watching the nightly news and says “What is that?” to me. Then he goes on about how he hates spinach but adds “Well, I guess if I ate Shrimp it would be okay.” He then proceeds to tell me all kinds of nonsense about Shrimp diets and the Shrimp diet Pillow is the only one of them that I will eat.

My friend’s Shrimp Diet Pillow is a blanket that he puts over the top of his tank so that he can sit on it and watch his shrimps grow. It is a very tacky thing to do because he is paying for the privilege of putting it on the top of his tank. He has also invested a lot of money in the algae growth kit that I believe has the bottle of the algae growth concentrate with the stopper that you plug the bulb syringe into. The problem with both of those things is that he doesn’t have a bottom to place the bulb syringe in without ruining his blankets. Also, when he goes to sell it at the pet shop, the shop owner says “He looks like a light bulb” and takes it for granted that the shrimps diet Pillow really does help to grow the algae in his tank.

If we were to take a random sample of Shrimp, we would find out that the most eaten Shrimp in the world is white shrimps. They can eat dandelions, alfalfa leafs, grasshoppers, clover and a few other algae types as well. It has been determined by statistics that white shrimps are twenty times more nutritious than other types of shrimp. White shrimp’s diet is so far the most popular shrimp’s diet in the world. They love it!

Why? Because it’s the best way to grow your algae. Now, for people who don’t know, here’s a little background on the alfalfa leaf. It’s a popular food for fish and is used in many shrimps tanks, because it’s a very easy food to digest. It is also a very quick absorbing vegetable, which is why it makes a good staple for a shrimp’s diet.

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Things You Should Know About Shrimp Care and Your Shrimp Diet

That’s all that we are going to discuss now. We will talk about the diet, and the foods that you can feed blue shrimp with. These types of fish species also have their own unique diets. Just like the white shrimps, you should only add alfalfa to their diet, and you should use at most once per week. Blue Shrimp is very picky eaters, so if you don’t make it easy for them by giving them something they are not accustomed to, you could possible upset the delicate balance of the tank.

If you want to avoid upsetting the delicate environment of your reef tank, then it would be best to pick a diet that does not involve feeding it more than once per week. There are many diet plans that will work, so if you do not see results from your first feeding, you may need to increase the amount of food you give it. There are many diet plans available to you online. Just visit your favorite internet forum and you will be sure to find one that will suit your needs. There are also many recipes that you can find for meals that will keep your tank healthy, happy, and alive. Just remember that these selective breed of fish will need a varied diet, so try to match the foods you add to your tank accordingly.