Tips For Choosing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables As Snacks

We all know that vegetables and fruits are very good for us, but some people don’t like them as snacks. That’s why fresh fruit and veg are such a healthy choice for many of us. As snacks they’re a great source of minerals, fibre and vitamins, which are all beneficial for our health.

But as I said they aren’t everyone’s favorite. For instance some people don’t like the taste of carrots. This is understandable – they have a taste that some find quite unpleasant. But if you eat them in their raw form you can get almost the same benefits. In fact, cooked vegetables are even better than raw as they retain more of their essential nutrients and can be juiced with ease to provide a healthy dose of vitamins.

Carrots are a great example of how a fruit or vegetable can be enjoyed in a number of different forms. You can eat them raw if you’re not up for eating them in their most pure state. Raw carrots are also excellent for those who have digestive problems or sensitive palates. There are some excellent recipes out there using fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks for kids.

You might be surprised to know that some people actually prefer their fruit and vegetables as a snack over a sugary snack. That’s because the natural fibre found in many of them can make you feel fuller for longer (which helps with weight loss). For example, sweet potatoes are excellent for diabetics because of the high amount of fibre they contain. And because they are high in potassium they are great for preventing anaemia. Bananas are another example of high fibre fruits/vegetables that act as a great energy snack for busy people. Sprinkling some fresh fruit and veg into a bowl of cereal is an easy way to provide your body with vitamins, minerals and fibre.

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Tips For Choosing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables As Snacks

Another way you can eat your fruit and vegetables is by boiling them in a stock. This can be done with a variety of ingredients, but you should use low fat free stock. If your stock is too strong, add more of the other ingredients to dilute it (i.e. olive oil, herbs etc)

Finally, you can always find fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks by heading to your local supermarket. Most supermarkets offer a selection of healthy snacks and some carry health drinks, too. If you head to your local supermarket, you should be able to find the food you need, at the right price, from the people who own and run the store. It’s always good to check out the produce section of a store as well so you can get to know what fruits and vegetables they have in stock. Buying food in this way ensures you get to try new varieties that you may have never tried before.